SPY×FAMILY CODE: White Anya Forger (Winter Costume Ver.)

SPY×FAMILY CODE: White Anya Forger (Winter Costume Ver.)

Threezero has brought forth a winter outfit version of Anya Forger from "SPY×FAMILY CODE: White," and the configuration of this product is quite impressive!

This rendition of Anya is in 1/6 scale, standing at a height of 16.5cm. It's worth noting that they previously released a school uniform version from the TV series. However, this time, they've introduced the appearance from the theatrical edition of "Spy x Family CODE: White." Apart from a beige coat, it also comes with a red beret and a yellow shoulder bag. The clothing utilizes real fabric material, and the texture is well represented. Additionally, this design effectively conceals the articulation joints, maintaining a cohesive appearance.

There are a total of 21 movable joints throughout the body, making it suitable for everyday play. In terms of accessories, besides interchangeable hand parts and hair accessories, four additional replacement faces are provided. Firstly, there's Anya's signature sinister smile expression, followed by a shocked expression, then an expectant expression to recreate iconic scenes, and finally, a squinting smile expression. Each expression is vividly portrayed, adding considerable playability.

So, if you're a fan of this version of Anya and have been collecting Threezero's "Spy x Family" merchandise, then this product might be worth considering. With the theatrical edition of Anya Forger released, there's a high probability that subsequent characters from the same series, such as Twilight and Yor, will also be released, so there's something to look forward to.

SPY×FAMILY CODE: White Anya Forger (Winter Costume Ver.)

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