Sentinel Fighting Armor Falcon Captain America

Sentinel Fighting Armor Falcon Captain America

The 14th installment of the Sentinel Fighting Armor series has unexpectedly been released, and this time it features Captain America (Sam Wilson), also known as the Falcon Captain America familiar to everyone.

This Sentinel Falcon Captain America figure stands approximately 16.5cm tall, continuing the tradition of the series overall. It incorporates alloy materials and, like previous products in the series, is a recoloring of the first installment's Iron Man model. The head sculpt and chest armor are noticeably new, with the iconic wings also included. The only drawback is that it feels a bit small; it would have been even better if it were slightly larger. The design of the armor, especially the color scheme, draws inspiration from classic settings. In addition to the pentagonal star on the chest armor, the head sculpt features a design with red goggles. Judging from certain details and the wing design, it appears that the design also references the live-action portrayal of the character. As for accessories, it comes with Captain America's shield, likely reusing parts from previous Captain America figures. The wings feature articulated joints and can replicate a defensive stance. Redwing, the drone, also comes with alternate parts for both deployed and stowed configurations. Redwing can be displayed using a stand and, with the aid of the stand, the shield-throwing scene can be recreated. Furthermore, various airborne poses can be achieved. Although this series has primarily relied on recoloring and retooling, this Falcon Captain America figure performs quite well. With the addition of the wings, Redwing, and the shield, the overall playability is satisfactory. If you've been collecting this series consistently, then this product is definitely a must-have.

Expected to release in July, 2024.

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