S.H.Figuarts Ultra Instinct Goku Toyotarou Edition

S.H.Figuarts Ultra Instinct Goku Toyotarou Edition

S.H.Figuarts] Son Goku (Ultra Instinct) - Toyotarou Edition -

It's been quite a while since the silver-haired Goku of the SHF "Ultra Instinct" line was last released, creating quite a gap in availability, leaving many fans eagerly awaiting its return.

S.H.Figuarts Ultra Instinct Goku Toyotarou Edition

However, rather than a direct re-release, the official approach this time is to introduce a new version in the style of the official manga artist "Toyotarou" under the name "Toyotarou Edition," along with the release of a data collection book titled "Dragon Ball S.H.Figupedia."

Initially, it was thought to be a highly exclusive item available only at events, but unexpectedly, it's being warmly offered as a limited item at the Tamashii Nations Shop, and furthermore, it's being made available for a second release, ensuring a relatively stable supply in the market.

Personally, I already own the previous version of the silver-haired Goku, so the main reason for acquiring this new version is indeed the data collection book. I have a habit of collecting books related to this aspect, such as the earlier "SHF Product Collection" and "SIC Soul Encyclopedia," so I wouldn't miss out on this Dragon Ball merchandise data collection. However, I won't share the content of the book this time; let's focus on comparing the old and new versions of the SHF.

The most significant difference between the "Toyotarou" version and the old SHF lies in the entire head's "hairstyle," with even the "facial expressions" being newly crafted. The hair is noticeably larger than the old version, and you can also see that some "comic-style lines" have been added to replicate the manga style.

Personally, I feel there's been a significant upgrade in the four facial expressions of the product. In comparison, the liveliness of the expressions has improved considerably. Of course, it can also be seen as two different styles, but I personally prefer the new version.

In terms of accessories, there have been additions and deletions. The additions include a "closed eyes expression" and "dynamic hairstyle," while the turtle wave effects have been removed.

As for the main body, it feels almost 90% identical. I say 90% because I feel this time the downward tilt of the head seems better than the old version, but I'm not entirely sure if there's been an improvement in the neck joint. Secondly, in terms of coloring, the new version's skin tone seems slightly darker, and there have been modifications to the coloring of the lower body attire, although the new version lacks the shadow treatment on the clothing that the old version had.

These are the main differences between this product and the old version. To be honest, which version you prefer really depends on personal taste. However, if you're not overly attached to the turtle wave effects, this Toyotarou Edition is certainly a good opportunity for a re-purchase.

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