Ichiban Kuji My Hero Academia Dabi Figures

Ichiban Kuji My Hero Academia Dabi Figures

Dabi or Toya Todoroki, is the eldest son of the Todoroki family. He has a troubled past and has been estranged from his family for some time. Dabi possesses the ability to manipulate flames and can create powerful blasts of fire. He also has a high level of endurance, which allows him to withstand attacks that would incapacitate most other people. He is a well-written villain who adds depth to the series, and his interactions with the other characters are always intense and often unpredictable. His backstory is tragic and sympathetic, which makes him a more nuanced character than many other villains in the series.


These Ichiban Kuji Dabi figures perfectly show his distinctive appearance, which includes pale blue skin, red eyes, and white hair that is styled in a messy manner, and his scarring and burns give him a menacing and intimidating presence. Here they are:


Ichiban Kuji My Villain Academia Dabi Prize B Figure:


Ichiban Kuji My Hero Academia Mortal Combat Dabi Prize F Figure:


Ichiban Kuji My Hero Academia Hero vs Villains Dabi Prize G Figure:

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