Figure-rise Standard Lacus Clyne

Figure-rise Standard Lacus Clyne

Bandai Figure-rise Standard series has introduced a special Gundam Base limited edition color version of the Lacus Clyne assembly figure. How does this product perform, and what are the differences compared to the previous online store exclusive color version?

Being a Gundam Base limited, the packaging maintains the consistent design style, featuring the Gundam Base logo in the bottom left corner and showcasing Lacus in her long dress. This version is clearly a recolor of the previous online store exclusive version. What do you think of this color scheme? Personally, I find it average; it doesn't quite capture the charm of the original colors. The attire adopts the iconic blue and white color scheme of the Gundam Base series, with the hair accessory now made of blue transparent parts. The skirt features the Gundam Base logo, and the product also includes a blue Haro. Additionally, this time the product comes with a platform stand, now in a corresponding blue transparent style. Besides the interchangeable facial expressions, the product also includes water decals for customization. Of course, this version retains the feature of the detachable skirt from the previous standard version, allowing for a representation of Lacus in a short skirt with exposed legs. However, due to the segmented joints for articulation, the division line at the thighs may not look very appealing.

If you're a fan of Lacus Clyne's character and you appreciate this Gundam Base exclusive color scheme, then this product might be worth your attention.

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